Science has played a significant role in the development of logical and rational thinking in humans. What we tend to miss out is the emotional part of our brain. Remember the moment when we scroll by a happy baby or cute puppy video on Instagram and we smile even though we might be upset or angry about something? Within a moment we are influenced by emotion.

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Not everyone thinks much about food, yet we enjoy it every time as it makes us feel good. A design sometimes needs inspiration from different sources, we dribbble or we google. What if we get inspired by food? Afterall food does convey emotions.

Design components like aesthetics, color theory, IA can be few ingredients of good design. Likewise, Gestalt’s Law, Hick’s Law, Miller’s number are the recipes.

If we think about it excess of information can lead to bad design like excess ingredients can kill the dish. Design experience should be like serving a dish without explaining. Balance of creativity, value, connection, and trust should balance the mental whitespace of a user. As design can affect different senses of a human just like food does. This example will make things clearer. We can see a lamp, hear the flickering of the bulb or touch the warm bulb. But if we talk about firecrackers, we not only increase the intensity of light but also add more senses like ears, nose and even taste of smoke.

Photo by Solstice Hannan on Unsplash

Just like Amino acids and proteins are responsible to manipulate our brain about how we feel and behave. Similarly, consistency, usability, reliability are necessary needs of design to deliver emotion to the human brain. Our design philosophy should act as dopamine for the brain. Sometimes a small interaction like a button click gives a moment of satisfaction. But what that button did and how it did might make us feel good.

No, I’m not high right now.

Ok, lets take an example. If we imagine our favorite dish cooked by our mother, every time we imagine the dish, it will remind us of our mother. Similarly, if a product makes a user feel good, it can impact brand value.

Food and Design industries are somewhat similar as they both deliver experiences and can make us feel good. Since both industries change trend rapidly, what if we keep observing natural experiences like food, nature, etc. and create a difference in our design industry?

UX Designer @ TCS India